Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose

LIJ’s quality hydraulic hoses are designed to efficiently convey hydraulic fluid to connected components, valves, actuators and tools. We have designed, manufactured and installed hoses on hydraulic systems throughout the UK. Widely used in industrial applications, LIJ’s superb hydraulic hoses are designed to operate at very high pressures. They are constructed with several layers of reinforcement to provide exceptional performance at even the highest pressures. Our hoses are available from 4mm bore up to 154mm bore.


  • Ideal for use on all hydraulic equipment
  • Reinforced construction for high pressure use
  • Available in a range of sizes to best suit your application

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Safety

    Our experts perform safety checks on all our hydraulic hoses and can fully pressure test, flush and certificate.

  • Quality

    Each of our hoses is manufactured to industry standards.

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products and customer service.


  • LIJ’s hydraulic hose products are available in different sizes and are built to deliver reliable performance at even the highest system pressures.
  • We manufacture our own products in-house. This approach allows us to control the quality of each individual component, resulting in superior system performance.
  • Our hoses are manufactured using only quality parts, from their internal construction to their reinforcement and exterior coatings.
  • We offer full hose pressure testing, flushing to 3 micron and test certification


What Next?

To order your LIJ hydraulic hose or to learn more about this product, please contact our friendly team today. We are experienced in working with all aspects of hoses, from design right through to installation. If you are working on a particular project but you’re unsure which LIJ products would be the best to meet your requirements, we can help. Call the LIJ Fluid Power team today on 01772 621 355. Alternatively, simply fill in the quick enquiry form below to get started.

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