Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator

Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator

Our bladder accumulator ensures the smooth, reliable transfer of power when operating hydraulic equipment. This bladder type accumulator features an elastic barrier positioned between a pressurised gas chamber and a hydraulic fluid chamber. This design helps to regulate pressure and reduces the risk of accidental shocks damaging the system, particularly during pressure spikes. This product includes a gas valve at one end, enabling the application of pressurised gas, and a poppet valve at the opposite end to prevent the bladder from being pressed into the opening.

LIJ has large stocks from 1Litre up to 52 litres.


  • Can be applied to any type of hydraulic equipment
  • Ensures smooth and reliable operation
  • Helps to prevent damage to system during pressure spikes
  • Can be used as stored energy to reduce the electric motor size and therefore reduce the power consumption and running cost

Our experts perform safety checks on all our hydraulic power packs.

  • Safety

    Our experts perform safety checks on all our bladder accumulators.

  • Quality

    Each bladder type accumulator is manufactured to industry standards and comes complete with test certificates.

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products and customer service.


  • LIJ’s bladder type accumulators are specifically designed for use with hydraulic systems and ensure the system can operate without juddering or risking damage from pressure spikes and for stored energy.


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