Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinder by LIJ

This pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical device designed to produce force in a linear motion. Using compressed gas, the internal piston is displaced. The piston rod then transfers the force produced to the object intended to be moved. LIJ’s powerful pneumatic cylinders are available now for immediate UK delivery. Pneumatic equipment is sometimes preferred to hydraulic because it is quieter to operate, negates the risk of fluid leaks and requires less storage space than hydraulic equipment.


  • Ideal for applications where fluid leaks may be hazardous
  • Quiet operation perfect for use in entertainment sector
  • Lower installation costs than hydraulic counterparts
  • Can be used for pulling, pushing, holding, lifting and more

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Safety

    Our experts perform safety checks on all our pneumatic cylinders.

  • Quality

    Each pneumatic cylinder is manufactured using only the finest components.

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products and customer service.


  • Our pneumatic cylinders are available with either a single or double action to best suit your requirements. Our experts are happy to advise on the best solution for your project.
  • LIJ’s in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can fulfil any order, from bespoke designs through to fabrication, installation and even servicing/repair of cylinder equipment.
  • Each of our pneumatic cylinders is manufactured using high-quality components and the LIJ team’s years of experience in the field. Contact us today for additional information.


What Next?

To order your LIJ pneumatic cylinder or for additional product information, please contact our friendly team. We are experienced in working with all aspects of rams, from design right through to installation. If you are working on a particular project but you’re unsure which products would be appropriate to provide the best solution, we can help. Call LIJ Fluid Power today on 01772 621 355. Alternatively, fill in the quick enquiry form below and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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