Telescopic Cylinder

Telescopic Cylinder by LIJ

Telescopic cylinders are specialist pieces of hydraulic machinery which provide extended output travel from a very compact retracted length. LIJ can supply a comprehensive range of telescopic from 80mm bore up to 250mm bore and with extendable lengths up to 10mtrs.  LIJ’s telescopic cylinders are constructed from steel and feature tubes with progressively smaller diameters, in order to fit inside one another.


  • Spider lifts and similar equipment utilise the same technology
  • Suitable for use in many construction and agricultural applications.
  • Used on tipping trailers

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Safety

    Can pressure test cylinders to ensure the working capability of the unit

  • Quality

    Each cylinder is manufactured using only the finest components

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products that we supply


  • A telescopic cylinders provide an enormously extended output travel length compared to a traditional cylinder design. This makes them perfect for confined application areas.
  • The telescopic products are solidly constructed using steel and the finest components. This approach makes our telescopic models long-lasting and very reliable.
  • These products can be combined with accumulators and other hydraulic accessories to further improve their performance and reliability.


What Next?

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