Tie Rod Cylinder

Tie Rod Cylinder by LIJ

Our tie rod cylinder is an industrial strength hydraulic cylinder design that can achieve enormous hydraulic force. Tie rod designs are appropriate for use in industries including manufacturing and precision engineering. LIJ’s tie rod cylinder is available in a range of different sizes to best suit your application. LIJ can manufacture from 25mm bore up to 200mm bore. We offer flange, foot or trunnion mounted.


  • A range of industrial applications requiring high performance in industries from injection moulding to press applications and dozens more
  • Can be used to move, hold, lift or compress
  • Ideal for heavy use where standard cylinders are unsuitable
  • Can be completely disassembled for easier servicing

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Safety

    All our tie rod cylinders are tested and officially certified before they’re shipped.

  • Quality

    LIJ has produced high-grade tie rods for many years, allowing us to hone our craft.

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products and customer service.


  • Our hydraulic tie rod cylinder is designed to deliver outstanding performance at even the highest industrial pressures. This capability makes it the perfect choice for many applications.
  • This quality piece of industrial hydraulic equipment is manufactured using only the best materials and parts. LIJ’s tie rods are manufactured to conform to ISO 6020/2.


What Next?

To order your LIJ tie rod hydraulic cylinder or for additional product information, please contact our friendly team. We are experienced in working with all aspects of rams, from design right through to installation. If you are working on a particular project but you’re unsure which products would be appropriate to provide the best solution, we can help. Call LIJ Fluid Power today on 01772 621 355. Alternatively, fill in the quick enquiry form below and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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