Hydraulic Power Packs DC from 12V up to 24V

LIJ’s hydraulic power packs are available with a direct current (DC) setup with voltage ranging from 12V to 24V. With our quality equipment, you can keep you hydraulic systems operational and delivering peak performance. LIJ has designed, manufactured, installed and serviced hydraulic power packs for many years. We’ve amassed a large pool of experience and understand the pressures placed on power packs in industrial settings. Our quality powerpack products are built to last and are available with immediate UK delivery.


  • Provides reliable power to a wide range of hydraulic equipment
  • DC configuration suitable for many different applications
  • Primarily used for rotating a hydraulic motor or operating a cylinder
  • Predominately used on Tippers, tail lifts, trailer ramps, horsebox doors and many other applications

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Safety

    Our experts perform safety checks on all our hydraulic power packs.

  • Quality

    Each hydraulic powerpacks are manufactured to industry standards.

  • Innovation

    LIJ constantly strives to improve its products and customer service.


  • LIJ’s hydraulic power packs are standalone units comprised of a reservoir, regulators, supply lines, relief lines, a pump and an electric motor.
  • Our DC models are constructed to deliver power using a direct current setup. Built to last, each LIJ unit is perfect for a wide range of applications on all manner of hydraulics.
  • We manufacture each hydraulic power pack with reliability and longevity in mind, ensuring each model is ready to deliver a consistently outstanding level of performance.


What Next?

To order your LIJ hydraulic powerpack or for additional product information, please contact our friendly team. We are experienced in working with all aspects of powerpacks, from design right through to installation. If you are working on a particular project but you’re unsure which products would be appropriate to provide the best solution, we can help. Call LIJ Fluid Power today on 01772 621 355. Alternatively, fill in the quick enquiry form below and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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