Hydraulic Screw Pump

Hydraulic Screw Pump

LIJ’s range of screw pumps are an example of a positive displacement (PD) pump design. Our standard setup includes three screws aligned to enable the transfer of fluids along the axis of each. This design makes the pump an effective choice for efficiently pumping even high-pressure, viscous fluids. The potential applications of this hydraulic screw pump are numerous and extremely varied. They include the transfer of fuel, oil, lubricant, feed and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact the LIJ team for additional product information.


  • Ideal for use with high-viscosity fluids
  • Are used heavily in lubrication systems
  • Suppliers of Settima screw pumps

Why Choose LIJ?

  • Experience

    Due to our vast stocks and 28yrs knowledge in hydraulics we can choose the correct pump for your application.


  • Settima screw pumps are designed specifically for use in tandem with hydraulic systems, transferring a wide range of different fluids for industrial purposes.


What Next?

To order a screw pump or for additional product information, please contact our friendly team. We are experienced in working with all aspects of pumps, from design right through to installation. If you are working on a particular project but you’re unsure which products would be appropriate to provide the best solution, we can help. Call LIJ Fluid Power today on 01772 621 355. Alternatively, fill in the quick enquiry form below and we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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